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Recertification for Children’s Vision Screening Training in Public Health/Childcare/Educational Settings

On Demand

The Prevent Blindness Children's Vision Screening Recertification Course includes a review of lesson materials from our online course and a single online assessment. 

Certification for Prevent Blindness Children's Vision Screening is valid for three years from the date of successful completion of the Prevent Blindness Children’s Vision Screening Certification Course. Upon successful completion of the assessment, certification for Prevent Blindness Children's Vision Screenings will be issued for an additional three years.

If your original certification was obtained in 2018 or earlier, please contact Prevent Blindness, [email protected], or call 1-800-331-2020, for authorization to enroll in the recertification course.                      

Please note, you may need to take a state-specific training class to obtain screening recertification in your state. Contact your state’s Prevent Blindness program by selecting from the list below.  

North Carolina